How backflow incense works!

First of all you need a good incense waterfall burner.

Backflow incense is made up of a variety of fragrances that work to attract positive energy.

Full of fragrance, bliss and life, backflow cones diffuse an unforgettable aroma in the air that will leave you wanting for more.

From the woody Musk, Palo Santo, White Sage, Sandalwood aroma to the floral Red rose, Lotus, Jasmine, Lavender and more, backflow incense cones create a fragrant aura that you’ve never experienced before.

Cleanse your space and eliminate both undesirable odours and negative energy, with backflow incense cones.

Right from when it is ignited, these incense cones tend to create an ambience of positive energy with the way it gradually diffuses its charming aroma in the air and revitalizes your space with positivity.

Who wouldn’t like an unforgettable aroma that lingers for a long time!


The fragrance of Backflow incense cones have so much to offer when it comes to durability.

As the dense smoke flows down, it permeates throughout the room fantastically, creating a fragrance that has the potential to linger in the air for a long time. Backflow incense is made in small batches and is hand-poured.

Backflow incense are exactly as the name suggests – incense where the incense smoke (or plume) flows in the opposite direction as “normal” incense, that is, downwards instead of upwards. 

Most of the time backflow incense is made in the shape of a cone, with a small, hollow tunnel through the center, ending in a hole at the bottom center. 

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Incense cones can also be made in the shape of a stick which is completely hollow in the center,ie, a long, thin tube.

Backflow incense, otherwise commonly referred to as waterfall incense or an incense fountain, is a relatively new type of incense.

However, it is an incense form that we know a lot about, as we not only hand make our own backflow incense cones, but also design our own backflow incense burners from scratch (aka waterfall incense burners or holders).

So we hope that we can share some of this knowledge with you, and that it will be helpful in your incense journey.

The burner uses a bit of physics to produce its magical backflow smoke movement.

Generally, incense smoke contains tiny particles. As a result, they are denser than air at room temperature.

When you light a typical incense, the smoke flows upward due to the heat that offsets the weight of its tiny particles.

But, in a backflow incense, the smoke goes through a hollow center tunnel and cools.

Then, it continues along the tunnel, and the smoke becomes denser. It ultimately exits at the bottom of the incense holder.


Backflow incense comes in three different flavors.

It come in many varieties. Often with Asian motifs like a lotus, dragon, or Ganesha.

The special backflow incense cones are available in different scents, each with their own symbolic meaning.

Of course, the waterfall is in itself a very inspiring sight! In our previous blog, we discussed a new form of incense, namely, cones.

In this blog, we will discuss a new variant of incents cones.

As the name suggests, they are cone-shaped incense that emits incense smoke in the opposite direction as that of a standard cone, i.e. in the downward direction.

This is mainly due to its small and hollow tunnel that runs through the middle of the cone and ends up in a hole at the bottom of the cone.

There is a specific type of incense cone called backflow incense cone, which is quite popular in our store.

Aroma cones are unique in that their incense smoke flows downwards instead of upwards.

These cones have a small hollow tunnel through 3/4 of the center of the cone, ending with a hole at the bottom. (This provides more details on how backflow incense works).


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