Why won't my backflow incense waterfall work

The incense Waterfall might not be working because of a clogged flue.

Check the incense tip where the flame was. If you see a small glowing ember, and smoke starts coming out of the bottom, then the incense has been correctly lit.

If you're unsure, leave the incense for a minute or so, then check again.

If you do not see a glowing ember, and there is no smoke coming out of the bottom, you have completely extinguished the incense by accident, and will need to repeat steps 1-3 above.


Another reason your incense holder might not work is the misalignment of the hole of the cone and the incense fountain's hole.

If you don't align the holes properly, the smoke won't have space to escape. Check to see if the hole is properly aligned or if the holes are blocked before placing your cone.

Another important factor to check for is wind flow near your incense - moving wind near your incense could put it out accidentally, or affect the smoke flow in the incense holder.

If your incense cone is lit, but you don't see the plume moving through the incense holder, try to close nearby windows/doors, turn off fans/ ACs, and also minimizing large arm movements.


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The backflow incense burner might need to be cleaned.

Regularly cleaning the incense residue off your backflow holders will help a great deal since you will not have a lot of stains to remove.

It will be a simple task when you get down to it. If you take the time to rinse the burners off after every use will require little energy when cleaning it.

Incense holder - ensure that the plate holding the incense cone is clean and that the hole is unobstructed.

If you've used the incense holder multiple times, resin from previous cones can get stuck to the plate.

cleaning incense burner

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This reduces the amount of air that can get to the incense cone, and affect its burning

We all know burning gases use oxygen to burn. If everything else is okay and your cone is still not burning, it’s probably due to insufficient oxygen levels to keep the flame lit.
Place your incense fountain in a room with proper ventilation but not too much that may diffuse the flame instead of it flowing downwards.


The incense waterfall might need new cones.

However, over time, you will have to clean the censer due to the dirt buildup brought about by these oily remains.

The stains can sometimes get too sticky that it comes at a compromise to the sweet aroma. This is primarily around the holes.

If you get oil stains at the bottom of the holder, it will be a real headache since you won’t be getting a sweet scent but a foul one.

Therefore you need to clean your waterfall regularly.

If you are stuck, then the following ingredients and steps will guide you on how to clean a backflow incense burner.

pure brass incense burner

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Is an Incense Waterfall not for you?

Then try one of our other types of incense with an appropriate burner.

There are many types to choose from, like the traditional sticks.

Perhaps the holy wood of Palo Santo will appeal to you, or maybe try purifying your house with White Sage.

There are plenty of ways to use fragrance and incense for your own happiness.

There are a few things that you need to pay special attention to when using a Incense Holder compared to when you burn an incense stick.

Just like any other holder it is important to place your burner on a fire resistant surface, but in the case of a backflow burner an extra saucer is advised.

Some of the backflow incense cones release some color while they are burning; an extra saucer will protect your furniture.

To ensure the maximal cascading effect of the smoke, an incense waterfall can best be enjoyed in an environment with little or no draft.

Otherwise the smoke creates white water rapids instead! Lighting the cone is also a bit different.

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